white blood cell count

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a numerical computation or indication.
Addis count the determination of the number of erythrocytes, leukocytes, epithelial cells, and casts, and the protein content in an aliquot of a 12-hour urine specimen; used in the diagnosis and management of kidney disease.
blood count (blood cell count) see blood count.
blood count, complete a series of tests of the peripheral blood, including the erythrocyte count, erythrocyte indices, leukocyte counts, and sometimes platelet count.
blood count, differential differential leukocyte count.
erythrocyte count determination of the number of erythrocytes in a unit volume of blood that has been diluted in an isotonic solution, done with an automatic counter such as a flow cytometer. Called also red blood cell or red cell count.
leukocyte count determination of the number of leukocytes in a unit volume of blood, usually after the erythrocytes have been lysed and the blood has been diluted; it may be done either manually with a hemacytometer or electronically. See total leukocyte c. and differential leukocyte c. Called also white blood cell or white cell count.
leukocyte count, differential a leukocyte count that calculates the percentages of different types. See also total leukocyte count.
leukocyte count, total a leukocyte count measuring the total number of all the types in a given volume of blood. See also differential leukocyte count.
platelet count determination of the total number of platelets per cubic millimeter of blood; the direct platelet count simply counts the cells using a microscope, and the indirect platelet count determines the ratio of platelets to erythrocytes on a peripheral blood smear and computes the number of platelets from the erythrocyte count.
red blood cell count (red cell count) erythrocyte count.
reticulocyte count a calculation of the number of reticulocytes in 1 cu mm of peripheral blood, recorded either as an absolute number or as the percentage of the erythrocyte count. It provides a means of assessing the erythropoietic activity of the bone marrow.
white blood cell count (white cell count) leukocyte count.

white blood cell count,

n a diagnostic clinical laboratory test to determine the number and types of leukocytes present in a measured sample of blood. Overall the normal number of leukocytes ranges from 5000 to 10,000/mm3. A differential white blood cell count identifies, counts, and determines the ratios of the various types of leukocytes present in a sample of blood. See also leukopenia and leukocytosis.

white blood cell


white blood cell count
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But to see such a massive reduction in his white blood cell count after just two has left Mike and Jules hopeful he will go into remission much faster than they ever could have hoped.
6 and 7 from his brother, his white blood cell count increased to almost normal in mid-October, leading doctors to declare the operations a success.
Milk with a low white blood cell count has more milk protein, or casein.
In PV, patients with resistance to or intolerance of hydroxyurea are considered to have uncontrolled disease, which is typically defined as hematocrit levels greater than 45%, elevated white blood cell count and/or platelet count, and may be accompanied by debilitating symptoms and/or enlarged spleen.
But then Jade was rushed to the Royal Marsden Hospital with a low white blood cell count.
His white blood cell count is killing him due to the stress of living in deprivation.
On day 25, persistent, loculated pleural effusions--which were thought to be a source of a continually elevated white blood cell count and which could not be drained by multiple thoracostomy incisions--required left video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery with decortication.
In a comparison of laboratory data from patients with positive blood cultures (278 cultures) and patients with negative cultures (395 cultures), white blood cell count was significantly higher in those with bacteremia (15,160 [micro]L vs.
There is mounting evidence that moderate exercise raises white blood cell count and can improve one's adaptive immune system.
The trainer said: "We had a bit of a bad patch for a few weeks where the winners were hard to find, but the horses were a bit low in their white blood cell count a month or so ago which suggested they had a bit of a virus on them.
Cory was eventually admitted to the cancer center, where medication was given to lower his high white blood cell count - leading to concerns that his organs could fail.
Karl Benn, who set up the clinic, refers to the experience as a 21st-century ice bath, and says clinical testing in western Europe shows it increases white blood cell count, helping reduce inflammation.