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A regional term for an excessively prepared EMS worker
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A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO, while contemplating the dandelions running riot alongside the road in front of my house, I decided it was time to get a weed whacker.
It's very difficult for someone to get out in those areas with a weed whacker.
Surprisingly, amongst the first to receive approval is a Houston boutique development shop, TechStudios, LLC, with their game Wing Whackers, beating internet giant Google Maps to the punch.
Comes with an Exmark 60' zero turn mower, 32'' Toro with sulky, all the necessary equipment such as pack back blower, weed whackers, edger's etc.
While Southern Californians are paying steep fuel prices - in some cases as much as $3 a gallon - Rubalcada and other gardeners feel the pinch all the more: On top of the hundreds of miles traveled each week, they must also fuel up lawn mowers, weed whackers and the other tools of their trade.
The only casualty at the park facility was a shed located behind the pool area that used to secure weed whackers and a lawn mower.
In addition to the waterpark, which offers some 15 slides, rivers, waterfalls and play areas, children can enjoy the Bull Whackers Game Room, with more than 65 arcade games.