well-baby visit

well-ba·by vis·it

(wel-bā'bē viz'it)
Routine health maintenance examinations for infants at specified ages.
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On a personal side note, the shortest Storey in the family, Harley, had an 18-month well-baby visit last week.
In Zambia, children have a well-baby visit soon after birth, and it is possible every baby could get genotyped, says Bucala, who adds, "Then the mother would know that if her child develops fever in the rainy season, she should go to the hospital quickly.
AT our last well-baby visit, our doctor told me that my six-month old has a heart murmur.
physical examination, acute problem, follow-up visit, consult, medical clearance for surgery, well-baby visit, etc.
Then when the patient shows up for the first well-baby visit, the contents of the chart could go into the pediatrician's record," Dr.
But at the 2-week well-baby visit, the movement impairment remained and the infant was referred for further evaluation.
However, one well-baby visit that is not as well known is a baby's first trip to the eye doctor.
Trachtenberg noted, "With immunization being such a large part of the well-baby visit, it's surprising that more moms and pediatricians aren't discussing combination vaccines.
Further probing these results, we found that this difference was driven by the treatment group receiving more well-baby visits (an adjusted 0.
there are some pediatricians who manage to check in with Mom at well-baby visits to see if she's coming unraveled, but that's difficult to do in an information-packed 15-minute encounter.
Despite these findings, perceived discrimination during pre-natal and obstetrical care did not significantly lower the odds of the mothers having three or more well-baby visits.
Specifically, questions related to each risk reduction point, such as placing the baby on his or her back to sleep, exposure to cigarette smoke, amount of clothing worn by the infant, sleep surface for the infant, infant's participation in well-baby visits, whether the mother breastfed at any time, and the length of time she breastfed or planned to breastfeed.