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In order to reduce the test program, one specimen was used for welding three welds with different welding parameters.
Advantages of this process include low distortion, no hazardous fumes, and welds with matching base material mechanical properties.
The steady state of vibration welding is more complicated in welds of dissimilar polymers (20).
Welds were made at all variable combinations for a total of 64 welds (4 x 4 x 4) for each material and each process.
High-energy output makes it suitable for high-speed, high-volume jobs, long linear welds and difficult-to-weld materials.
But he notes that now Dana has the knowledge base--and ability--to cost-effectively laser weld aluminum.
five-wire SAW stations were used to create OD welds that penetrate into the ID and completely consume the tack weld.
A new paper from NIST suggests that more attention must be paid to weld repairs in order to avoid failures due to problems such as stress-corrosion cracking.
The laser beam offers the possibility of producing deeper welds in one pass, whereas the arc energy is used to increase welding speed and to fill the fit-up defects between the pieces to be joined.