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1-inch (28-mm) full-penetration weld has been deposited using 30 kW of laser power.
Since vibration welding involves oscillatory motion parallel to the weld plane (refer to Fig.
In hybrid Nd:YAG laser/MIG welding, with Argon as shielding gas, of high strength aluminum alloys AA2024-T3 and AA7075-T6 with 1-2mm of thickness, a large number of transverse cracks were found in the weld fusion zone (Hu & Richardson, 2006).
This uneven pattern signals trouble since uniform amplitude across the face of a horn is necessary to yield a uniform weld.
To make matters worse Weld failed to show up and speak at an August 21 fund-raiser for the group Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth, a commitment he had made over a year earlier.
One might consider measuring a weld and then breaking open the test part to measure the true weld size for comparison.
By redesigning to a casting, the foundry eliminated all welds (12-15 welds were required on previous tubular designs) and provided a 50% cost savings.
In some industries, documentation of the weld is important for quality assurance and control.
The effects of the welding parameters on the weld strength, elongation, and weld-bead size were investigated.