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A tree of the genus Salix; the bark of several species, especially S. fragilis, is a source of salicin.
[A.S. welig]


/wil·low/ (wil´o) any plant of the genus Salix. White willow bark (q.v.) contains a precursor of salicylic acid and is used as an herbal remedy.


n Latin name:
Salix spp.; part used: bark; uses: analgesic, antiinflammatory, general health, bursitis, antipyretic, tension headache, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders; precautions: can cause allergic skin reactions, bronchospasm, stomach ulcers, nausea, or diarrhea. Also called
white willow and
european willow.
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Horizontal shear (HS) strength of compressed weeping willow wood panels with various densities (samples: a, 0.
All you need do to start a Weeping Willow is cut off a small branch or twig, about the thickness of a pencil, and stick it in moist ground
ANSWERS: 1 April 23; 2 Francois Mitterrand; 3 Prof Stephen Hawking; 4 Lanzarote; 5 Mickey Spillane; 6 Cadfael; 7 Rubens; 8 Nero; 9 Manchester United; 10 Weeping willow.
They had enough money to plant weeping willow trees on the Waterfront development only to cut them down recently.
Elsewhere, Let's Go Out boasts classic jazz swing and The Weeping Willow - a duet with husband Paul Curreri is high lonesome and traditional.
Choose the origin of your leafy art--a red maple from George Washington's Mount Vernon home in Virginia, a weeping willow from Thoreau's Walden Woods, a sycamore whose seeds traveled to the moon, or a sweetgum from Elvis Presley's Graceland estate.
The mayten tree (Maytenus boaria) has the look of a miniature weeping willow, and the Australian willow (Geijera parvifolia) is known for its minimal water need.
A man battled with a teenager he caught stealing his weeping willow tree.
Q THE branches of my weeping willow are trailing on the ground.
With the large glass panels tilting in both horizontal and vertical directions, the Small House seems less like a tree house and more like a tree itself, a weeping willow perhaps.
Oak Maple Birch Dogwood Austrian Pine Blue Spruce Weeping Willow Hawthorn Apple Crab Apple Pear Cherry
com Liverpool's Poppy Fields While the spectacular Weeping Willow installation is at St George's Hall until January 17, our city is reminded of the special sense of how flowers create emotion and meaning.