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Etymology: AS, wepan, to cry
1 crying, lacrimating.
2 oozing or exuding fluid, such as a sore or rash.


1. Slow discharge from a wound. 2. Lacrimation; crying.


Excessive lacrimation. See epiphora; lacrimal apparatus; lacrimation.


said of frozen meat on thawing; the fluid that runs away as thawing proceeds. It contains myoglobin, salts and protein and is fluid leaked from muscle fibers ruptured by the formation of crystals during the freezing stage. The amount of weeping, and it can represent 2.5% of the weight of a carcass, is greater if the freezing was done slowly and if the carcass is of poor quality. Beef is affected more than the other meats. Called also carcass drip.

Patient discussion about weeping

Q. husband has horrible rash bil. below knees to his ankles. it is bright red yellow weeping cracks. On statins He has been on zocor for 15 years and we are so afraid this may have something to do with this drug. He has stopped taking the drug because the pain and weakness, and numbness in his legs is considerable

A. i looked up for side effects and i saw only "eczema" as a skin side effect. but it seems odd to me that after 15 years you got this kind of side effect. it should have appeared years ago. you know- it might be a very good idea to go and see a Dr... and not stopping a medication without warning..

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