weapons of mass destruction

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weapons of mass destruction (WMD)

weapons, such as nuclear or chemical weapons, whose purpose is to kill large numbers of people indiscriminately.

weap·ons of mass de·struc·tion

(WMD) (wep'ŏnz mas dĕ-strŭk'shŭn)
1. Weapons capable of producing widespread damage to buildings, facilities, and equipment. These weapons include high explosives and nuclear bombs using fission and fusion.
2. A legal term referring to high explosives, to nuclear weapons, but also misleadingly, to nondestructive unconventional mass casualty weapons to include biologic warfare agents, chemical warfare agents, and point sources of radiation.
See also: mass-casualty weapons
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Consequence management refers to the ability to respond to weapons of mass destruction effects against forces deployed abroad and to assist friends and allies.
Secure all weapons of mass destruction and all WMD-related material and equipment from theft or other acquisition by terrorists.
A US administration official told Time that Mr O'Neill was not in a position to have seen the intelligence on weapons of mass destruction because access to it was limited.
Gaddafi said that ridding the world of weapons of mass destruction would also help promote "popular democracy" and "meet ecological challenges so that the colour green will prevail all over the globe".
Mr Blair, speaking in Durham, said after nine months of work involving the experts, ``Libya has now declared its intention to dismantle these weapons of mass destruction completely and to limit the range of Libyan missiles to no greater than 300km.
For Mr Blair said Libya's move showed it was possible to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction by peaceful means.
Those weapons of mass destruction were a major part of Saddam's regime.
Speaking from his ranch in Crawford, Texas, Bush said: "Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.
Most ominously, Iraq has been engaged for many years in the monomaniacal pursuit of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
According to the President, Iraq's dictator is building weapons of mass destruction.
Weapons of mass destruction events with contaminated casualties: effective planning for health care facilities.
Finally, these funds will also support specialized training for emergency personnel and remediation workers who may be called upon to respond to future attacks using weapons of mass destruction such as weaponized microbials.

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