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wave·num·ber (σ),

The number of waves per centimeter (cm-1), used to simplify the large and unwieldy numbers heretofore used to designate frequency.
See also: wave number.
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The SFEA is applied on an infinite multilayered plate, as shown in Figure 4, to calculate the travelling wave numbers by conducting an eigenanalysis.
It has been noticed that the rectangular irregularity of interface is more effective for high range of wave number kH.
2004) shifted to lower wave numbers, and the band broadened as temperature increased, probably caused by hydrogen bond association (Li 2003) under the thermal effect, reducing numbers of hydrophilic hydroxyl groups in wood and increasing crystallinity, hygroscopicity, and dimensional stability.
it first decrease up to circumferential wave number n = 8 and then it increased with the increasing values of n.
This will help one to observe the variation on the phase velocity of Love-type wave against dimensionless wave number for different sets of values.
However, there was not such a huge difference in the upper region of spectra (+++++1000 wave number cm (-1)) (data not shown),In functional groups in the fingerprint region, significant patterns of changes were C-C1, C-0, C-N and C-C (24).
These redox process bands are strong and their wave numbers decreases (or wavelength increases), the more oxidizing the central ion and the more reducing the ligand.
From the data that appears on the absorption of infrared spectra above shows that a shift in absorption band of stretching vibrations of Si-O-Si appears on Na-bentonite in the wave number 1041.
3+] and PTL, the absorbent band of hydroxyl group of AA segments with hydrogen bond decreases, and the wave number of hydroxyl group of A A segments apparently shifts to a high wave number region, which shows that the number of hydrogen bond in AA segments sharply decreases.
Although, we are able to prove superconvergence, this integral equation breaks down if the wave number is an interior Dirichlet eigenvalue.
The sections on fundamentals of digital signal processing and frequency domain processing could each be used for a one-semester undergraduate course in electrical and/or computer engineering; those on adaptive system identification and filtering, and wave number sensor system for upper level or graduate courses.