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The form of a pressure or sound wave, electric stimulus, or pulse; for example, an arterial pressure or displacement wave; or of a sound or pacemaker pulse as demonstrated on an oscilloscope.


1 the graphic representation of a wave, derived by plotting a characteristic wave against time.
2 the form of an arterial pressure pulse or displacement wave.
3 the representation of a neuromuscular electric stimulation unit, which is usually a symmetric or asymmetric biphasic pulse with two phases in each pulse. The two phases continually alternate or reverse in direction between positive and negative polarity.


The form of a pulse (e.g., an arterial pressure or displacement wave), or of the pacemaker pulse as demonstrated on the oscilloscope under a specified load.


The shape or the representation of a signal, e.g., in cardiology, the shape of the electrical shock used in cardioversion or defibrillation.

biphasic waveform

A waveform used by some defibrillators that discharges energy in two phases (first positive, then negative). The shock applied by a biphasic defibrillator uses 30-40% less peak current at the same applied energy level than a monophasic defibrillator and is both less injurious to the heart and more likely to terminate ventricular fibrillation.

damped sinusoidal waveform

A defibrillation waveform that rises sharply to a peak voltage and then returns gradually to zero.

monophasic waveform

A waveform used by some defibrillators that delivers a single shock of positive energy to the myocardium.

truncated exponential waveform

A defibrillation waveform that rises sharply to a peak voltage and then is abruptly cut off and returns to zero.
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