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The form of a pressure or sound wave, electric stimulus, or pulse; for example, an arterial pressure or displacement wave; or of a sound or pacemaker pulse as demonstrated on an oscilloscope.


1 the graphic representation of a wave, derived by plotting a characteristic wave against time.
2 the form of an arterial pressure pulse or displacement wave.
3 the representation of a neuromuscular electric stimulation unit, which is usually a symmetric or asymmetric biphasic pulse with two phases in each pulse. The two phases continually alternate or reverse in direction between positive and negative polarity.


The form of a pulse (e.g., an arterial pressure or displacement wave), or of the pacemaker pulse as demonstrated on the oscilloscope under a specified load.


The shape or the representation of a signal, e.g., in cardiology, the shape of the electrical shock used in cardioversion or defibrillation.

biphasic waveform

A waveform used by some defibrillators that discharges energy in two phases (first positive, then negative). The shock applied by a biphasic defibrillator uses 30-40% less peak current at the same applied energy level than a monophasic defibrillator and is both less injurious to the heart and more likely to terminate ventricular fibrillation.

damped sinusoidal waveform

A defibrillation waveform that rises sharply to a peak voltage and then returns gradually to zero.

monophasic waveform

A waveform used by some defibrillators that delivers a single shock of positive energy to the myocardium.

truncated exponential waveform

A defibrillation waveform that rises sharply to a peak voltage and then is abruptly cut off and returns to zero.
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That being the case, it is possible that the wave form that defines, or is defined by, whatever we are is also medium independent.
0 is Veritools newest wave form analysis program for viewing digital simulation output from Verilog and VHDL on the Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms.
Powerview tools contained in Siemens Quantum's EDA system include ViewDraw for design entry; ViewSim for design simulation; ViewWave for wave form analysis; ViewTime for timing analysis; and more.
Robert Blout, director with JPH Architects, Rhyl, said: "The concept for the redevelopment is based on the natural wave forms of the sea to reflect the location.
The wave forms were analyzed in all leads at 50 mm/sec and at 10 mm = 1 mV to determine PR, QRS, ST, and QT durations; the net QRS complex; and P and T amplitudes.
Monday at Science Factory; for students in grades 1-6; topic is "Musical Machines"; younger students (grades 1-2) will observe and listen to variety of wave forms and experiment with making music of their own; older students (grades 3-6) will work in teams with Lego Mindstorms robotics kits to program and build musical instruments; advance registration required, $40 per session, $35 for Science Factory members; www.
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The shock wave forms a cone of pressurized air molecules which move in all directions forward and back, and extend to the ground.
A wave forms when colliding matter compresses and decompresses, producing linear cycles.
Swingle, PhD, "The brain's electrical activity is made up of wave forms varying from very slow (less than one cycle per second) to very fast (several hundred cycles per second).
When hung next to each other -- a likely scenario in large open indoor spaces -- they create striking undulating wave forms.