watery eye

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wa·ter·y eye

1. Synonym(s): epiphora
2. excessive lacrimation.


Overflow of tears due to faulty apposition of the lacrimal puncta in the lacrimal lake, scarring of the puncta, paresis of the orbicularis muscle, obstruction of the lacrimal passage or ectropion. This impairment of the outflow of tears is often unilateral. The main symptoms are discomfort and blurring of vision and sometimes embarrassment. Management depends on the cause. Syn. watery eye (colloquial). See dacryops; hyperlacrimation.
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Several months later the watery eye was still troublesome.
But he added: "Others malfunctions are due to malformations, watery eyes and long eyelashes in a small per centage.
With watery eyes and a slightly cracking voice, John Robinson delivered his parting remarks as USC's football coach on Wednesday, hugged some of his players and slowly faded away from a Los Angeles hotel ballroom.
The system sure beats walking or riding around a lot looking for animals with pink watery eyes and runny noses -- the way sick cattle have been identified for decades.
Efficas Care is the first "nutritional therapeutic" approach to reduce leukotriene production and help manage allergy and asthma symptoms, including sinus congestion, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.
Natrum Muriaticum - Profuse nasal discharge (like the white of an egg) with watery eyes and sneezing.
1 parts per million, the fumes can cause allergic reactions and symptoms ranging from sneezing to watery eyes.
Cowhands have had to ride through every feed pen hoping to find a sick animal with symptoms of a running nose or watery eyes so they could separate it from the rest of the herd and protect the health of the other animals.
The signs to look out for are fever, watery eyes, runny nose, a dry cough and white spots with a red base.
Allergy symptoms run the gamut from itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and itchy palate to mood swings, irritability, temper tantrums, and decreased ability to concentrate.
Historically, identifying sick animals in herds ranging in size from several hundred to several hundred thousand has been a tricky proposition, with cowhands riding through each feed pen everyday looking for sick cattle as identified by a runny nose or watery eyes," explained Tali Haleua, president and chief executive officer of COLT Technologies.
Sufferers Can Hit the Links, Avoid Watery Eyes and Nasal Congestion this Season