watery eye

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wa·ter·y eye

1. Synonym(s): epiphora
2. excessive lacrimation.


Overflow of tears due to faulty apposition of the lacrimal puncta in the lacrimal lake, scarring of the puncta, paresis of the orbicularis muscle, obstruction of the lacrimal passage or ectropion. This impairment of the outflow of tears is often unilateral. The main symptoms are discomfort and blurring of vision and sometimes embarrassment. Management depends on the cause. Syn. watery eye (colloquial). See dacryops; hyperlacrimation.
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However, he would like to highlight how significant a watery eye could be, so that no-one else has to go through his trauma.
EyeMo comes in two variants: EyeMo Red Eyes Formula contains tetrahydrozoline HCI (for red eyes, watery eyes, sore eyes, and itchy eyes) for quick relief of eye redness and minor discomforts caused by irritants; and EyeMo Moisturizing Formula that contains hypromellose (for dry eyes) that lubricates and soothes the eyes, easing eye strain and dryness.
Watery eyes often occur in response to chronic sinus problems, allergies, or infections, which contribute to blockage of the tear duct.
Subjects also reported their subjective perception of how they felt in terms of allergy-related symptoms (stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy nose, watery eyes and itchy eyes) using Visual Analog Scales (VAS).
This plant's pollen (and other seasonal allergens) cause watery eyes, sneezing and fatigue that can undermine driving performance, according to a report in Allergy.
The product is the first and only OTC nasal spray indicated for relief of all nasal and eye-related allergy symptoms, including runny nose, sneezing, itchy nose, nasal congestion and itchy and watery eyes.
DON'T blame your watery eyes on hayfever - nobody will believe you, even though you've been stood in a field for hours.
However, like humans, cats can experience, watery eyes.
In a new video on the ZyrtecYouTube Channel, Messing talks with George about beauty woes like a red nose, watery eyes and puffy face that can accompany typical allergy symptoms.
There is the inevitable sniffing, watery eyes and a terrible hacking cough.
Ophelia with the watery eyes was well cared for by her lanky
Interestingly, watery eyes can actually be caused by dry eyes.