water depletion

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wa·ter de·ple·tion

reduction in the total volume of body water; dehydration.
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People in Abbottabad and its surrounding areas have suffered acute water scarcity due to rapid urbanization, population growth, and ground water depletion in recent years.
This can lead to some imbalances like torrential rains, flash floods and ground water depletion.
The Member of Parliament indicated that the solution starts with an immediate halt of water depletion, the containing of rain water in dams and ponds, and most importantly by providing the citizenry with means of "rationing water consumption" .
The built environment, in Qatar and across the globe, contributes to air pollution, land use and contamination, fossil fuel and water depletion, water pollution, materials depletion, impacts on human health, and climate change.
Local water depletion and pollution are often closely tied to the structure of the global economy.
Yemen's rapid water depletion is just one of many serious issues the country faces.
A 2002 law aimed at curbing water depletion bans private drilling, but it is rarely applied, Schlutter said.
It will shed light on the underground water resources which are major sources for the Kingdom to reduce water depletion, said Dr.
In Hansala, we will divert 14-inch pipeline to the region where there is water depletion and scarcity," said Abdul Latif Chaudhary, District Executive Engineer, Rajouri.
But what exactly are the problems that are posed by water depletion, how is the security of Arab countries affected, and what are the solutions that can be adopted for preventing this?
He said the global challenges - climate change, water depletion and population growth - were enormous.
Water depletion by diuretics stimulates renin release from the kidneys, but the activity of this renin surge was effectively blunted by concurrent treatment with aliskiren, according to the combination study.