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Q. Can I get a headache from watching too much T.V? I've been having headaches after watching more than an hour and a half T.V straight. It also happens If I use the computer the same way.

A. Could be god's way of telling you that you should go out more, play basketball instead of watching basketball. But it's probably short eye sight problem. But it'll do you good going out side instead of playing in your computer!

Q. If diabetes has to do with sugar in the blood why does diabetic patients have to watch their salt consumption?

A. very good question :) and a good answer too:)
if you have Diabetes type 2 that means you have a risk factor for heart attacks. it also means you probably have high blood pressure, so it's in your best interest to watch your sult consumption even more then others.

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Thomas Hill was a master watchmaker from a well-known watchmaking family who came here in 1851 - he employed about 70 people,' said Barber.
Watchmakers shouldn't bother with trying to get their brands on the wrists of the young.
When asked about the character of a watchmaker, he laughed and said "stubborn", adding "quiet" and "open- minded" which sounded like strange requirements for a watchmaker.
Dubai Watch Week, the Middle East's premier watch exhibition, will bring together more than 40 renowned watchmakers, industry icons and collectors who will share their expertise, knowledge and insights on some of the most debated and trending topics related to horology, next month.
Since Biver's father revitalized the brand, Hublot's innovations have been its edge in a market dominated by heritage watchmakers.
Other watchmakers such as Fossil and Tag Heuer have also joined the smartwatch race.
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street is a remarkable debut," declared the Los Angeles Times, "and I look forward to seeing what Pulley does next.
A CONCERT dress by Dolce & Gabbana and my beautiful watch by Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil for whom I am an ambassador.
An elusive hit man known as The Watchmaker (Brosnan) is hired to eliminate Kate in order to expedite Balan's visa application, which is part of a bigger plot to inflict massive damage on American soil.
Muscat: Swiss luxury watchmaker Vacheron Constantin, along with its local partner Mistal, is targeting to tap the domestic market with higher sales.
Japanese watchmaker Citizen's new global branding adage--"Better Starts Now"--focuses on the belief that "It is always possible to make something better.