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n.pl movements preced-ing an exercise regimen. Performed to increase blood circulation, release muscle tension, and increase awareness.
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The study also showed that older children responded better to the warm-up exercises than the younger ones did.
They even suggest favorite warm-up exercises like "Jump Toaster," a jack-in-the-box-like exercise that has 6- and 7-year-olds popping out of the toaster at the beginning, middle, or end of a piece of music depending on how well-done they want to be.
Specific warm-up exercises vary depending on the age of the dancers, but the structure of the classes is roughly the same for all.
Correct warm-up exercises can enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury say researchers writing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
First, there is The Gym, a series of self-paced warm-up exercises to strengthen users' creative skills.
The first section provides an explanation of vocal essentials: breathing, vocal care, vibrato, vocal registers, belting, auditions and an outline of the four essential building blocks for vocal training: practice, patience, perseverance and play, Some of the most appealing parts of this first section are the pictures of proper body alignment, body warm-up exercises and the role that listening and imagery play in the application of singing.
It includes a lesson on how speech is produced, tips about good health habits, vocal warm-up exercises and information about environmental irritants.
While the material is not especially well organized, it seems to fall into roughly three categories: information about hearing loss, warm-up exercises, and medical problems such as repetitive strain injuries and focal dystonias.