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An armed conflict including one or more governments, and causing the death of 1,000 or more people per year
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In June last year, Dostum was involved in a spat befitting an Afghan warlord.
The warlord depends on patronage from a source outside his domain, and he redistributes that patronage to his supporters.
Embassy in Kabul has always considered him to be a "good" warlord.
D'Este's brave attempt to find the real Churchill in Warlord is a major contribution to the PM's literary legacy.
The two notorious warlords of Southern Africa, Ian Smith of the former Barbarous Zimbabwe, and P.
forces organized the Eastern Alliance, a very loose coalition of Pashtun warlords intended to both attack the remaining Taliban and al Qaeda hideouts along the Pakistan border and to act as a counterweight to the Tajik and Uzbek-dominated Northern Alliance.
The former warlord was reported missing from his villa on Monday night, just days after President Olusegun Obasanjo reluctantly bowed to pressure to surrender him to face justice.
The airstrips at Daynile, outside Mogadishu, and Merca, south of the nation's capital, are owned by local warlords and the government said that it had informed its trading partners Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates of the decision to close the airstrips from 1 November.
Capcom did the same thing in ``Onimusha'' with Nobunaga Oda, who was painted in ancient accounts as the Shaq Diesel of Japanese warlords.
I went to one particular warlord a number of times, and told him I wanted him to achieve his objectives, but that violence was not the way to do it.
Best known for her smile and organisational skills at the annual National Sheep Association Wales and Border Ram Sales, Jane's Belted Galloway bull, Whitepool Warlord, won the reserve supreme championship at this week's Royal Show in Stoneleigh.
Many of the local leaders were holdovers from the pre-Karzai and warlord eras.