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An armed conflict including one or more governments, and causing the death of 1,000 or more people per year
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That aside, what Warhorse has attempted here is fairly incredible, a non-linear journey through one of the most luscious maps I've ever seen.
Helix Core made it possible to manage our large binary files, said Martin Klma, Executive Producer at Warhorse Studios and long-time advocate of Agile workflows and Continuous Delivery.
A clearly relieved William Hill made both Champagne Fever and Western Warhorse 12-1 shots for the 2015 Queen Mother Champion Chase.
It was after filming Warhorse that his second eye began to deteriorate.
Video game company Crytek GmbH and Warhorse Studios, a Prague based video game studio, announced on Thursday the closing of a licensing deal for Crytek's proprietary all-in-one game development solution CryENGINE3.
The Soldier, who remains anonymous, was serving at FOB Warhorse as well when he wrote the piece and sketched the drawing.
Carmen, La boheme and Madama Butterfly are mounted with grinding regularity, but audiences never seem to weary of these warhorses.
So the Dublin Philharmonic, newly established in the late '90s and on its first American tour - from Florida to California, 49 cities in 66 days, if you can believe it - offers four music programs: one showcasing compositions by contemporary Irish composers; two blending some offbeat, seldom-heard classical compositions as well as a single warhorse piece; and one, entirely safe, entirely predictable, pure chestnut staple: Beethoven's Coriolan overture and 3rd Piano Concerto and Brahms' 2nd Symphony.
I enjoyed reading Mike's article on the SW 1917 old warhorse in .
And if the old political warhorse once known as the Chingford Skinhead is worried, then the rest of us really should be afraid.
The cover artwork is killer, and if comparisons are needed, think about an earth ride on a well-hung warhorse.
Will chooses his own warhorse and rather than picking an impressive mount, he instead takes a blood-red horse who has something magical about him.