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Chung Yik, Chinese pathologist, 1889-1931. See: Wang test.

wang (wäng),

n in traditional Chinese medicine, the first aspect of diagnosis that involves visual examination of patients—particularly their spirit, form, and bearing; the face and the head; and excreted substances. See also qie and wen.
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Our immediate plans for the hotel and conference center include upgrades to guest facilities and meeting space, and a commitment to making the Marriott the premier business hotel on Long Island," said Wang.
Within months, Wang was back in Zhongguancun shopping a new business plan for a company that he says "will change the time paradigm here yet again.
As a director who has gone between indies like ``Smoke'' and ``Blue in the Face,'' and bigger-budget Hollywood films like ``The Joy Luck Club'' and ``Anywhere but Here,'' Wang knew that he would face a challenge marketing a $2.
The semiconducting belts might have electronic and optical properties handy for the development of a variety of microscopic devices, says Wang.
However, Wang adds, many accountants are anxious about the computer for another reason: "They are concerned the computer will take over some of their functions and possibly render them obsolete.
To overcome resentment he had from the racism he had encountered as a child, Wang joined the Hakka Association - a Mandarin-Chinese group - to learn more about his native culture and then about the cultures of others.
Wang spent seven years at Goldman Sachs in both Hong Kong and New York in various positions including Executive Director/Head of China High Technology in Hong Kong.
Looking weak and pale, according to his mother, Wang was taken to the No.
The elegant and intimate Vera Wang Boutique at Halekulani showcases a broad range of luxury gifts representing Vera Wang's core design sensibilities.
Wang, who lives in Pasadena, immigrated here from China in 1986 and became a United States citizen in 1993.