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Chung Yik, Chinese pathologist, 1889-1931. See: Wang test.

wang (wäng),

n in traditional Chinese medicine, the first aspect of diagnosis that involves visual examination of patients—particularly their spirit, form, and bearing; the face and the head; and excreted substances. See also qie and wen.
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During his imprisonment, reports the Telegraph, Wang "witnessed two deaths, one from a heart attack during treatment and one person who died while being force-fed.
A different ad with a side view was later accepted, but Wang called it ``a pity.
As one of the top Banyan and Novell network resellers, and with worldwide strengths in many vertical markets, such as the legal profession and government agencies, Wang believes it is well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity.
Wang introduced the wireless industry to push-to-X concept, which caused a revolutionary repositioning of push-to-talk type services toward user-friendly interfaces.
Looking weak and pale, according to his mother, Wang was taken to the No.
As part of a cooperative sales and marketing strategy, Wang and HP will jointly invest hardware, software, and technical support to cooperatively market Wang's integrated imaging and office software on the HP 9000 Series 800 business servers to end user customers, and to new and existing Wang and HP channel partners.
Wang spent seven years at Goldman Sachs in both Hong Kong and New York in various positions including Executive Director/Head of China High Technology in Hong Kong.
At that time I did not want to continue playing professionally,'' Wang said of her former career.
I have confidence in the future of Wang, and I am willing to do this and anything else that would assist the company, provided that my role remains an advisory one, and does not undercut the authority of the company's new management team.
Wang spent three years as a Regional Sales Manager at Sino-America Shanghai Squibb Pharmaceutical Ltd.
In return for the ownership interests in the two subsidiaries, Wang Laboratories, Inc.
Wang created the design for the one-of-a-kind luxury suite at the adored hotel.