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1. To move on foot.
See also: gait.
2. The characteristic manner in which one moves on foot.
See also: gait.
[M.E. walken, fr. O.E. wealcen, to roll]


noun Gait verb To ambulate afoot


1. To move on foot.
2. The characteristic manner in which one moves on foot.
See also: gait
[M.E. walken, fr. O.E. wealcen, to roll]


a slow, four-beat gait of horses in the sequence of near hind, near fore, off hind, off fore.

collected walk
the horse is held in but is encouraged to walk vigorously by the rider.
extended walk
fast, with long strides and the head carried well out in front. The horse is on a long but not loose rein and must not be hurried nor out of control.
free walk
a walk on a loose rein with the head free.

Patient discussion about walk

Q. I have diabetics.My doctor suggested me to walk daily.Would you rather be alone or walk with someone? Why? I have diabetics. My doctor suggested that exercise will help me to improve my health. So I planned and started going for a morning walk daily. I feel very fresh and youth few days after my walking. It’s really effective. I also recommend this exercise to those who have not used to go for the morning walk. Now this question is for the one who is already doing it. When you go for a walk, would you rather be alone or walk with someone? Why?

A. If I am troubled, then I want to walk alone. If I am walking for exercise, then I would want to walk with someone so that we won’t feel the hours we spend. I usually discuss encouraging experiences with the one who walk with me. Sometimes I like to walk with my dog.

Q. what is hernia.what is the cure.is it fatal.what precautions should i take.can i do brisk walking

A. Hernia is a condition in which contents of the abdomen (usually part of the gut) protrude outside, either to the cord that lead the vessels to the testicle or through other parts of the wall of the abdomen. It's usually treated with surgery that usually solves the problem.

After a resting period after the surgery usually full and regular activity can be resumed.

You may read more here:

Q. How many minutes a day can I walk. Any help would be great. I’m Lesa 28 yrs old and I’m 14 weeks pregnant, this is my first pregnancy. I like to join in prenatal yoga. When can I join and until what time I should continue it. How many minutes a day can I walk. Any help would be great.

A. yes, agree with both two answers above..

a regular exercise before pregnancy and even during pregnancy are believed to be related with significant reduction in labor pain. besides, by doing regular exercise you can help strengthening your muscles and bones, and also stretch some pelvic muscle that will benefit when the time comes for you to deliver the wonderful baby.

I once wrote an article about water aerobic during pregnancy, you can check it out here :

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The accuracy of today's walkover tracker equipment is superior to previous units," said Mike Dvorak, electronics account manager at Ditch Witch.
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KARACHI -- The ongoing Jubilee Insurance 43rd National Snooker Championship which is taking place at Karachi Gymkhana these days has been hit by walkovers, results reveal.
Back in action after three-long years, Sushil fought just at the first and the second rounds before he was declared the ultimate winner in the 74kg category of the event, held in Indore, as three of his challengers wrestlers, including the finalist, Praveen Rana, offered him walkovers.
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Leicester suffered from a walkover in April, but that was trainer-organised and to do specifically with tariffs, and the same track was also forced to abandon a race due to no horses being declared, a situation unprecedented in the sport.
Nevertheless, Vallily had to go through the rigmarole of turning up for the fight, walking to the ring, climbing in and donning his helmet and gloves before the referee declared him the winner by a walkover.
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