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A slang term for a patient who can ambulate and converse
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The general consumer segment is estimated to account for over 90% share of the global wearable digital walkie-talkie market by the end of 2015 and is expected to remain dominant throughout the forecast period.
These walkie-talkie sets are of the same type used by international forces in Afghanistan, Samaa TV reports.
Ham radio operators often start by purchasing $150 walkie-talkies, then graduate to $500 to $600 shortwave radios for their homes, Sturdevant said.
Sainsbury's chose London-based radio communications firm Quail to supply the walkie-talkies.
When they become a little more mature, software radios will be important tools in emergencies, for instance, by ensuring that police and firefighter walkie-talkies can communicate.
At a homemade command post off Mulholland Highway, family and friends pored over maps of the area and fanned out in search parties with walkie-talkies across the vast hillsides.
After the thunderous collapses, rescuers found their walkie-talkies and cell phones almost worthless to reach people trapped in the debris.
In addition, the system employed to account for the walkie-talkies helps to know which students I can call on should I have a question to pose to the class.
The little fella has pestered me for weeks to get him walkie-talkies after spotting them in a magazine.
Paul Ralph, defending, said: "They borrowed two walkie-talkies, having seen i t on t he Top Ge a r programme where they speak to each other between vehicles when filming.
FOR the duration of this review I will refer to these as walkie-talkies rather than two-way radio, which is what it's called on the box.
An SFA spokesman said "We do not like coaches to use mobile telephones or walkie-talkies to communicate from the directors' box to the technical area.