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A slang term for a patient who can ambulate and converse
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Karachi, May 29(ANI): Three US-made walkie-talkie sets were used by terrorists to carry out the attack on Karachi's Mehran Naval Station last Sunday, investigations have revealed.
After receiving such favorable responses from the survey, I then submitted a proposal requesting funding to purchase the walkie-talkies from both the College Technology Committee and the College Teaching and Learning Committee.
The principal said the school has also received seven new walkie-talkies from a Chatsworth firm, $500 from a local car dealership, and almost $2,000 from parents.
SAINSBURY'S are spending pounds 1million on walkie-talkies for staff in an attempt to speed up customer inquiries and reduce queues at the checkouts.
SFA guidelines ban the use of mobile phones and walkie-talkies during their competitions and ordered Falkirk boss Alex Totten not to use his at Saturday's Falkirk-Hearts semi.
Specialized mobile radio services, two-way radios (short-range walkie-talkies, citizens band and similar radio types), satellite phones, and fixed wireless services are considered beyond the scope of this report as they are not mainstream technologies.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- Walkie-talkies have long been a tough-guy accessory for security guards and administrators ushering kids into classrooms and monitoring hallways, but they have not improved communications between schools and emergency personnel.
I didn't buy because I didn't think I could buy the walkie-talkies and not pay rent for three months,'' Pingel said.
Gordon Dalziel last night revealed the secret behind Ayr's return to the top of Division Two - a pair of walkie-talkies.
Excluded from this report are pagers, specialized mobile radio services, two-way radios (like walkie-talkies and CB radios--except Nextel Direct Connect, which is included within the scope of this report), satellite phones, and fixed wireless services, unless otherwise specified.
Coaches will communicate by using hand-held walkie-talkies.