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wahoo (wä·hōōˑ),

n Latin name:
Euonymus atropurpureus; parts used: bark, stem, root bark, stem bark, seed; uses: heart problems, induction of strong bowel movements, stimulation of flow of bile, induction of perspiration, induction of vomiting, expectorant, general health, gall bladder dysfunction, facial sores, gynecological conditions, appetite stimulant, liver dysfunction, skin disorders, malaria, constipation, dandruff, vomiting of blood, painful urination, stomach pain; precautions: may cause intestinal irritation; may be toxic in large quantities. Also called
burning bush, eastern wahoo, Indian arrow-wood, spindle tree, and
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Many swimmers set new personal best times, and we're proud of all the swimmers,'' said Wahoo head coach Kathy Spodick.
Wahoo swimmers were recognized at the annual Worcester Country All-Star Banquet in late November held at Leicester Country Club.
The Wahoo girls finished first and the boys second.
On our standard drift setup, we have two live baits out at all times, plus a chumbag or maybe a bonito hanging off the boat [cut bonito is a great attractant for wahoo and other fish].
Within this range, the early-fall wahoo bite often centers around schools of bonito that gang up from Jupiter Inlet south to Palm Beach Inlet.
Gaffer dolphin are always expected, and wahoo quite likely.
We boated seven wahoo from 48 to 80 pounds," Grant said.
The Northeast Florida Wahoo Shootout is a two-month event running Feb.
Over in The Bahamas, the Bimini Big Game Club Wahoo Smackdown runs Feb.
There is a solid bottom fishery, a banging sailfish run, plus solid seasonal runs of not only wahoo but blue marlin and dolphin in the late spring/early summer, then a meaty kingfish run after that.