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wahoo (wä·hōōˑ),

n Latin name:
Euonymus atropurpureus; parts used: bark, stem, root bark, stem bark, seed; uses: heart problems, induction of strong bowel movements, stimulation of flow of bile, induction of perspiration, induction of vomiting, expectorant, general health, gall bladder dysfunction, facial sores, gynecological conditions, appetite stimulant, liver dysfunction, skin disorders, malaria, constipation, dandruff, vomiting of blood, painful urination, stomach pain; precautions: may cause intestinal irritation; may be toxic in large quantities. Also called
burning bush, eastern wahoo, Indian arrow-wood, spindle tree, and
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The Indians' bid to host the 2019 All-Star Game, which it was ultimately awarded, further heightened debate over Wahoo.
The addition of Wahoo to the California ichthyofauna brings the number of species of scombrid fishes to 15.
Wahoo are low priority as a commercial species, a status that is likely to be responsible for the lack of biological research on the species that has hindered the undertaking of rigorous stock assessments (Zischke, 2012).
WORCESTER -- After a successful fall season in the Worcester County League, the Worcester Wahoos swim team recently celebrated its second-place finish with an recognition night and its annual Swim-a-Thon at the Jewish Community Center pool on Salisbury Street.
AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE: Catering student Martin Hodgson with his whopping Wahoo - a snub-nosed swordfish from the Indian Ocean
The Hawaii-based longline fishery has provided the majority of the dolphinfish and wahoo landed at the fish auction, but the troll fishery, bait boats, and the handline fishery (i.
The Hambleton trainer has been in cracking form of late so that should prove no handicap and Wahoo Sam looks set to pick up the winning thread.
HAMILTON angler David Swinpen probably yelled 'Yahoo' when he connected with this streamlined beauty called a wahoo.
Local Nebraska newspaper the Lincoln Journal Star recently reported that Florida brothers Ram and Suren Ajjarapu signed a memorandum of understanding earlier this month with city officials in Wahoo, NE for the development of a new $50-million ethanol plant outside of the city.
O'Kane served as executive officer of the Wahoo and as skipper of the Tang.
The Swedish women living in the Rainbow Lane neighborhood at Haven House in Wahoo, Nebraska, asked if they could celebrate St, Lucia Day the way they did at their church in town.