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Plural of vortex.


(vor′tĭ-sēz) [L.]
Pl. of vortex.

vortices pilorum

Hair whorls as in arrangement of hairs on the scalp.
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According to Hassanzadeh, the same vertical flow could explain why oceanic vortices, such as those formed near the Straits of Gibraltar, can last for years in the Atlantic Ocean.
Vortices can also bend and warp into various configurations; the most familiar example is a smoke ring, a twisted cylinder of circulating smoke particles.
As shown in the results, for the Newtonian fluid, two symmetric corner vortices and symmetric core flow can be seen, both on the horizontal and vertical plane.
Previous work has also dealt with specific aspects of flow due to interacting vortices (e.
The vortices, faces or figures digitally stirred into various degrees of illegibility, are surrounded by and overlaid with spatial cues.
The media flows against the trapezoidal bluff body inside the vortex body and separates from the body surface, periodically forming vortices.
APPLICATION: The slice knife can generate streaks by producing streamwise vortices in flow entering the wire section of a paper machine.
The structure of vortices and vortex rings in Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) has been a subject of intense interest during the past few years and has been studied experimentally at JILA and theoretically in Gaithersburg.
28 Kyodo Japanese scientists have observed the movement of tiny magnetic vortices in high-temperature superconductors using a holographic electron microscope, a British scientific weekly said Thursday.
The DIA tests are intended to test the ability of the SOCRATES(R) wake vortex sensor technology to detect wake vortices utilizing an array of sixteen beams.
Atmospheric vortices are common in the atmospheres of different planets of the solar system, although they have different behaviors.
4] discussed the effect of some numerical parameters such as initial strength of vortex sheets and number of vortices in the rate of convergence of laminar recirculating flow.