Spee, Ferdinand Graf von

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Ferdinand Graf von, German embryologist, 1855-1937.
curve of Spee - the anatomic curvature of the mandibular occlusal plane. Synonym(s): von Spee curve
Spee embryo
von Spee curve - Synonym(s): curve of Spee
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Contract award: replacement construction school, gsg friedrich von spee, on litzgraben 28 a, 40489 dusseldorf - trades: betonwerksteinarbeiten.
Press c onta c t: impressum health & science communication Frank von Spee Email: gutmicrobiota@impressum.
A powerful German squadron commanded by the celebrated Vice Admiral Maximilian Graf von Spee, a sort of Rommel of the sea, was reported heading from the Pacific towards South America.
At the same time, faced with overwhelming allied forces in the South Pacific--Australian, British, and Japanese--German Admiral Maximilian Reichsgraf von Spee headed east for South America planning to raid commerce.
The British force was outgunned by the German fleet, led by famous Vice Admiral Maximilian von Spee.
Subsequently a large force was assembled and defeated Von Spee at the battle of the Falkland Islands.
O In conjunction with the exhibition, a series of education programs will be offered, including gallery talks; a special Met Escapes hands-on printmaking workshop for visitors suffering from dementia and their care partners; and a lecture on May 11 by Clarissa von Spee, curator of Chinese and Central Asian collections, Department of Asia, The British Museum, on the collection and its history.
Where did the British navy defeat the German of pointillism, which uses tiny individual dabs admiral Von Spee in a sea battle in 1914?
The first leads us from the vesper prayers of Dante's Purgatorio through Abendlieder lyrics of seventeenth-century German Protestant poets such as Andreas Gryphius and Paul Gerhardt and Jesuits such as Friedrich von Spee to the mystical poetry of the same century inspired by the noche oscura, noche serena of St.
At the same time, under command of Admiral Count von Spee, the strong German Far-East squadron consisting of two heavy cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisnenau plus the light cruisers Leipzig, Dresden, Nurnberg and Emden moved from Tsingtao.
The ship and Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Craddock's flag ship, HMS Good Hope, both armoured cruisers, were sunk by ships of the German East Asia Squadron commanded by Vice-Admiral Maximilian von Spee.
The latter, although hopelessly obsolete and out-gunned, put to sea seeking a German force under Admiral Maximilian von Spee.