Recklinghausen, Friedrich Daniel von

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Friedrich Daniel von, German histologist and pathologist, 1833-1910.
central Recklinghausen disease type II - congenital disorder characterized by café-au-lait spots, intertriginous freckling, iris hamartomas, and multiple skin neurofibromas.
Recklinghausen disease of bone - increased osteoclastic resorption of calcified bone with replacement by fibrous tissue due to primary hyperparathyroidism or other causes of the rapid mobilization of mineral salts. Synonym(s): osteitis fibrosa cystica
Recklinghausen disease type I - Synonym(s): von Recklinghausen disease
Recklinghausen disease type II - Synonym(s): von Recklinghausen disease
Recklinghausen tonometer
Recklinghausen tumor - a small benign tumor of the male epididymis and female genital tract. Synonym(s): adenomatoid tumor
Recklinghausen-Applebaum disease - a condition of hemochromatosis.
von Recklinghausen disease - two distinct major hereditary disorders: type I (neurofibromatosis type II), and central type II (neurofibromatosis type I). Synonym(s): neurofibromatosis
von Recklinghausen neurofibromatosis
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An 11-year-old family member of mine, let's call him "Joe," was born with the "cafe-au-lait" brown spots that are diagnostic of the genetic disease von Recklinghausen disease, a.
von Recklinghausen, La creation--Die Schiipfung, Poeme parietal, Ein Wandgedicht, La facade ptolimaIque du temple d'Esna, Pour une poetique ptolemalque, Rites Egyptiens X (Turnhout, 2004), 102/103, beigetragen haben.
Norofibromatozis 1 ilk defa Von Recklinghausen tarafindan 1882 yilinda otozomal dominant gecis gosteren herediter bir hastalik olarak tanimlanmistir (4).
Despite being named after von Recklinghausen, who documented the disorder in 1882, the classical signs of neurofibromatosis were first reported by Smith in Dublin in 1849.
Heinrich von Recklinghausen, the German physiologist, popularised the anaeroid manometer for blood pressure measurement.
Type 1 (NF1), also known as von Recklinghausen disease, is the most common classification, with an incidence of 1 in 3,000-4,000 people.
He had suffered from von Recklinghausen disease, as depicted in the film Elephant man, with huge benign tumours growing on the face.
The patient suffered from a condition known as Von Recklinghausen disease that disfigured his face, Le Parisien newspaper reported yesterday.
5) Furthermore, heterogeneity and cystic changes of schwannomas as demonstrated by MRI or CT have been reported as signs of malignancy, especially in patients with coexisting von Recklinghausen disease.
An association with Von Recklinghausen Neurofibromatosis is present in up to 26% of cases.
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