Vomit Comet

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A nickname for any fixed-wing aircraft that briefly provides a nearly weightless environment in which to train astronauts, conduct research, and film motion pictures
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Experiencing weightlessness in the Vomit Comet was a different matter, as James giggled manically as he bounced off the walls, floor and ceiling.
They took me up in a specially modified aeroplane called the vomit comet which does parabolic dives at 30,000 feet, it was terrific fun," he recalls.
They flew in NASA's "zero-gravity" plane, nicknamed the Vomit Comet.
Before climbing on board the Vomit Comet, the cast and crew swallowed a potent medication that astronauts take to keep them from losing their lunch.
When the Vomit Comet reaches the bottom of its roller-coaster-like dive, the zero-gravity environment instantly disappears.
Each Vomit Comet zero-gravity arc lasts only 23 seconds, so the cast and crew had to work fast.
Howard admits that he expected somebody to be sick on every Vomit Comet flight.
She teamed with Kleinhenz, a veteran of more than 1,000 hours on the vomit comet.
However, he isn't ruling out further tests aboard the vomit comet, and he might even serve as his own guinea pig.