vocational rehabilitation counselor

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vocational rehabilitation counselor,

n term coined in the 1960s and 1970s for a professional who incorporates the best of psychology, social work, and nursing in an attempt to integrate psychology with traditional rehabilitation protocols.
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For example, given the specific focus of vocational rehabilitation counselors on postsecondary services, their knowledge, skills, and resources may be very helpful to school counselors as they provide individual planning services for students with disabilities, especially for the number of students who have received special education services in school but will not qualify for adult services.
I spoke with the vocational rehabilitation counselor at least once a week for many months all the way through my return to work.
Contributor: Joan Haskins, PVA vocational rehabilitation counselor, JoanH@pva.
Given this, a vocational rehabilitation counselor may adopt this strategy by helping consumers to identify their thoughts and challenge those who incorrectly attribute to factors other than themselves (Thompson, 1993; Thompson, 1996).
Knowing that Buonarati was interested in returning to work, her CIGNA disability claim manager consulted with one of the company's vocational rehabilitation counselors.
Nine persons served as rehabilitation technicians in this project, and each was guided by a vocational rehabilitation counselor.
This is the time to call on a vocational rehabilitation counselor.
The consumer meets with his/her vocational rehabilitation counselor, one of the agency's four specialists in deaf-blindness, and with the supervisor of the apartment program to determine strategies for obtaining employment.
The vocational rehabilitation counselor needs to get involved in school transition planning long before the future consumer is a second semester senior.
In light of my 13 years experience as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, I felt it would be helpful to understand this interdependence so that could use these concepts in my new position.
For example, consumers contributed information included in both the vocational rehabilitation counselor resource manual and the substance use prevention manual.
During the initial interview, the vocational rehabilitation counselor should be alert to any signs that the individual has a hearing problem.

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