vocational rehabilitation

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vo·ca·tion·al re·ha·bil·i·ta·tion

(vō-kā'shŭn-ăl rē'hă-bil'i-tā'shŭn)
Programs conducted by state vocational rehabilitation agencies operating under the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Services are intended to help people with disabilities to acquire, reacquire, and maintain employment.
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The Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment program's mission statement is "to provide services and assistance that will enable qualified veterans with service-connected disabilities to achieve to the maximum extent possible independence in daily living and/or obtain and maintain suitable employment.
I work for a vocational rehabilitation service provider that holds a large stake in the vocational rehabilitation field in this country.
With the corporate sponsorship of TriWest, a contractor to the Department of Defense, PVA plans to open a second vocational rehabilitation office, in Minneapolis.
The intention is also to offer more guidance in the recognition that many people are already committed to vocational rehabilitation and are looking for help.
In summary, it appears that state vocational rehabilitation agencies, mental health agencies, and other systems do not adequately address the career development needs of people with severe mental illness.
Steve Shivers, the commissioner of Alabama's Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, believes his program is one of Alabama's best economic investments.
On the other hand, if a firm is self-insured, it might retain a vocational rehabilitation consultant to help direct a claim (and the medical treatment) toward some desired outcome.
Devenberg applied for and was subsequently enrolled in the Vocational Rehabilitation program.
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Employer relationships with vocational rehabilitation can be established, and companies can develop policies regarding hiring people with disabilities.
Other programs administered by the Under Secretary for Benefits include education benefits and vocational rehabilitation and employment for veterans, and life insurance and VA-guaranteed home loans for both active-duty personnel and veterans.

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