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to make a vocal sound; a form of communication. Studies of feline vocalization have identified murmur, vowel and strained intensity patterns.

excessive vocalization
a behavioral problem of dogs and cats; may be a displacement activity or caused by separation anxiety.

Patient discussion about vocalization

Q. How can I fix my vocal cords? Please I am in need of desperate help.

A. rest, which means no talking,

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Event organiser and founder of Vocalize, Holly Shahverdi, said: "I have been teaching singing since I was 15.
The third implication is that literacy teachers need to devise instructional strategies to help struggling readers who vocalize or move their lips make the necessary transition to silent reading.
Executives in today's politically correct environment cannot easily vocalize such opinions in a public forum as they are then equated to be in sympathy, if not in cooperation, with the accused.
Toward the end of "Printed Matter" there is a fifteen-page instruction poem, each page of which directs readers to a particular place in a particular book where they are instructed to make certain editorial changes, ranging from excising and replacing one or two phrases to deleting a period, or to vocalize that portion of text in some definite way, or simply to take note of it.
Hung is a thought-provoking look at an issue that whites and blacks alike have considered but rarely vocalize.
The five members vocalize not only lyrics but the sounds of electric guitars, bass, drums and cymbals as well, blending influences from classic R&B to pop, hip-hop and gospel.
Adults should always help a child vocalize when he or she is uncomfortable with a touch and should never scold a child for these expressions.
One respondent commented: "I give it the sleep-at-night test: If I don't vocalize my opposition, can I sleep at night?
But they were the major offenders--twice as likely as non-physicians to dismiss a query about a medication (two thirds of the ISMP survey respondents said they'd been squelched by the retort, "Just give what I prescribed" at least once during the year) and quick with threats to report someone to a manager for having the temerity to vocalize even a moment's doubt about a doctor's acumen.
Also, the metalcasting industry must continue to vocalize its efforts to our legislators and regulators in Washington D.
She now realizes when she simply has to say, "No," the word that sounds so simple, yet is so difficult for most women to vocalize.
They also hoped that CPA graduates would vocalize their experiences and share the knowledge they gained with others in the community.