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to make a vocal sound; a form of communication. Studies of feline vocalization have identified murmur, vowel and strained intensity patterns.

excessive vocalization
a behavioral problem of dogs and cats; may be a displacement activity or caused by separation anxiety.

Patient discussion about vocalization

Q. How can I fix my vocal cords? Please I am in need of desperate help.

A. rest, which means no talking,

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Selective production of vocalization types in different communication contexts.
We staggered the recording times of ARS #2 at Site C to record the second 20 min interval of each hour (20:2020:40, 21:20-21:40, and so forth) to avoid recording repeat vocalizations with ARS #1.
For vocalization intensity evaluation, the grading described by Mans et al (1) was used, in which vocalization of the birds, under restraint, was assessed (normal/screaming, reduced/chattering, or absent).
A squawk call is a vocalization of high frequency that can be made when the bird is startled and/or experiencing momentary pain and has been reported to be related to feather pecking (Konishi, 1963; Wood-Gush, 1971; Collias, 1987).
edu/2016/07/11/dinosaurs-may-have-cooed-like-doves) Chad Eliason , a postdoctoral researcher at The University of Texas Jackson School of Geosciences and the study's co-author, said: "Our results show that closed-mouth vocalization has evolved at least 16 times in archosaurs, a group that includes birds, dinosaurs and crocodiles.
Vocalization can be a great way to trick that educated coyote that has learned the rabbit call means a human with a rifle.
Thus I would highly recommend the use of Bordreuil and Pardee's A Manual of Ugaritic alongside or after working through Huehnergard in view of the richer chrestomathy they provide (with each text presented with photos, line copies, transliteration, vocalization, translation, and notes), not to mention the independent perspective they lend on the grammar.
Pain has also been implicated as a potential cause of excessive vocalization in cats.
In future research, Fagan hopes to study whether infants explore the sounds of objects such as musical toys to the same degree they explore vocalization.
Interestingly, whitetails might be nearly as talkative, but their vocalizations go largely unnoticed.
If the infant made a vocalization then a half baby spoon of cereal was delivered by the experimenter.
Key words: ringed seal, bearded seal, ribbon seal, Arctic phocid, call repertoire, seasonality, vocalization, sea ice