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to make a vocal sound; a form of communication. Studies of feline vocalization have identified murmur, vowel and strained intensity patterns.

excessive vocalization
a behavioral problem of dogs and cats; may be a displacement activity or caused by separation anxiety.

Patient discussion about vocalization

Q. How can I fix my vocal cords? Please I am in need of desperate help.

A. rest, which means no talking,

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After the infants received their cochlear implants, the significant difference in overall vocalization quantity was no longer evident," Fagan said.
Doe "estrous bleats" have become popular as another effective, non-aggressive vocalization.
If the infant made a vocalization then a half baby spoon of cereal was delivered by the experimenter.
Ten days later, we recorded a nestling about 3-4 days old, which was photographed and had its vocalization recorded.
Note that, compared with the echolocation pulses, FMBs last longer, have a shorter amount of time between vocalizations, and have lower pitches.
teguina vocalizations are characterized by a greater increase in amplitude and duration of notes over the course of a longer trill with more notes (Campbell et al.
Bird behavior and vocalizations reflect their assessment of the environment and communicate distinct messages to nearby birds.
Scientists have known for some time that a dolphin's vocalizations have special qualities 6 dolphins seem to be able to recognize certain whistles(http://news.
Chapters 4-8 explore what Martin argues is an instance of this third possibility, the vocalization of the word ddyk in Song of Songs 1: 2.
This showed that call frequency is no different when a rat contacts a known cage-mate compared with an unknown cage-mate, so it seems that cage-mate had no effect on the contact behavior-related ultrasonic vocalization.
Each hour of audible television was associated with significant reductions in age-adjusted scores for child vocalizations, vocalization duration and conversational turns.