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Americans also are at least slightly less likely now than they were in 2007 to say what happens in Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Afghanistan is vitally important.
Surely that would go a long way to helping vitally important public services?
Some members of Congress, with the president's backing, are seeking to roll back vitally important civil rights protections.
Conservation medicine is a vitally important issue but I'm doubtful it will get a fair hearing in our sound bite, shout 'em down media world--that is, not unless the environmental movement makes a concerted effort to see that it does.
YOU CAN change a government in a night, and laws in the life of a parliament, but a change of mentality is vitally important, and is very hard to bring about,' Lech Walesa, President of Poland from 1990 to 1995, told the conference.
Herbert Brun was vitally interested in these questions.
Written by a serving lieutenant commander naval flight officer with experience in E-2s and AWACS aircraft, this interesting book is a good reference and overall survey of a seldom described, but vitally important, community.
Their contribution is vitally important in the fight to protect whales.
the central conclusion of our Board is that leadership training is vitally important.
Keene's foundry experiences have appeared in several of his works of short-fiction, and will be vitally important in the plot of his next book, Terminal, to be published in 2005.
Opponents of the measure, however, said racial data remain vitally important in tracking public health and significant trends.
Wise management of personal credit is vitally important to reaching goals such as home ownership, higher education, and small business development.