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To endow with vital force.
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and upwards Face A vitalizing pad helps to remove old skin and improves circulation
Lee Jih-chu, vice chairperson of the FSC, pointed out that in addition to the H share" policy, the program for vitalizing the stock market" also includes the following measures:
A great glass wall, heavily shaded by the projecting roof, looks southeast towards the spiky outline of Stratford's new bus station (the whole area is supposed to be a transport interchange and catalyst for vitalizing an area of London that has since Chaucer's time been a byword for provinciality).
Our three Botanic Waters are made with a complex blend of 8 to 9 herbs each offering consumers a concrete functionality: RELAXING with passion flower, lemon balm, thyme and rose petals, VITALIZING with ginger, lemon grass, cardamom and elderflower, HARMONIZING with hibiscus, a[?
The instruction was made by Guan Zhongmin, minister without portfolio, in a meeting for discussing the program for vitalizing the stock market.
And though I suspect the Poiriers' rehabilitation of classicism always made best sense on their French home turf, their pursuit of a vanished past, as a way of vitalizing the life of the present, had an interesting sublated energy.