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To endow with vital force.
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Vitalize utilizes 23 different vitamins and 27 herbal abstracts during production -- which takes place in a facility that is A-rated by the National Nutritional Food Association.
Vitalize Consulting Solutions provides clinical, business, and information technology solutions for healthcare enterprises in the United States and Canada.
Chi Shive, chairman of TSE, pointed out that allowing investors to undertake intraday trading via purchasing stocks first before selling them on the same day can greatly vitalize the stock market and boost the investment willingness of investors, since it spares investors the need to pay fees for stock borrowing.
that spawned Vitalize Fairfax, Tuttle did a fine job on the project, Stanley Treitel said.
Samsung will continue to create solutions that vitalize and enrich your lifestyle," said Mr.
Crucial Conversations(R), the company's flagship product series (including The New York Times best-selling book of the same title -- McGraw-Hill 2002) delivers a set of influence tools that vitalize companies, strengthen teams, improve communities and enrich relationships.
As official partners of the NEXT Tech Tour, the following publications and organizations will work with Imark Communications to inform, educate and help vitalize technology communities across the country.
CEC was established in 1989 under the jurisdiction of China's State Central Enterprises Working Committee with a mandate to vitalize and develop China's information industry.