visual projection

vis·u·al pro·jec·tion

a perceptual synthesis involving visual mechanisms.
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Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Visual Projection Sys Of Luminous Capacity Greater Than 6000 Lumens And Upto 10000 Lumens For Shaitan Singh Ops Room At Hq 14 Corps
Washington, August 15 ( ANI ): A new research has said that a visual projection of human heartbeats can be used to generate an 'out-of-body experience.
Iola Ynyr, who directs the visual projection show, describes it as a "mind-blowing visualisation" that will encourage the audience to question the world they live in.
All the conference rooms benefit from natural daylight with blackout facilities and full audio visual projection equipment is available, along with a photocopying and fax service.
Alder Fuller uses a visual projection of mathematical formulas to talk about the emerging science of complexity.
Lightweight and feature-rich, the D8 projectors easily become essential visual projection tools.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Installation Of Data Screen/ Visual Projection System For E-In-Cs Branch New Delhi
Convey is a pioneer in developing innovative and high-technology outdoor advertising solutions, offering the High Power Visual Projection System, which allows large scale visual displays on architectural surfaces, and the Patented Mobile Inflatable Billboard, which creates impressive product and branding effects.
The new CoVE standard covers work such as rigging, lighting, recording and audio visual projection.
Teachers are already reporting improvements during the learning process: the Davis e-Textbooks on Digication enable the entire class to focus on a large visual projection of complete pages of the books, distinct areas of the pages or even to zoom in on individual images.
This will then allow us to look at our life, an ever changing visual projection, our thoughts, prayers, actions and fears.
A Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship allowed her to spend six weeks in Quebec, Ottawa and New York studying the use of visual projection in stage shows.