virgin silk

vir·gin silk

an extremely fine ophthalmic suture material consisting of two to seven natural silk filaments bonded together by sericin, a natural adhesive.
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Out of the total 60 cases studied, corneoscleral section of 28 cases (47%) were sutured with 10-0 nylon suture (Group A) while sections of 32 cases were sutured with 8-0 black virgin silk suture (Group B).
According to table-2, out of 60 cases, 10-0 monofilament sutures were applied in 28 cases (47%) (Group A) and 8-0 black virgin silk sutures in 32 cases (53%) (Group B).
According to table 7, cases in which 8-0 black virgin silk sutures were applied, showed higher degree of astigmatism in the cases where interrupted sutures were applied (4.
Luntz and Livingstone in their study though did not compare different sutures techniques with 8-0 block virgin silk suture, but found higher spherical equivalent (11.
Though degree of postoperative final astigmatism was equal with cross interrupted and continuous suture techniques, when 8-0 black virgin silk sutures were applied, but application of continuous suture was not found feasible with such coarser sutures.
Furthermore, with a goal to achieve improved hydrophilicity and mechanical properties we have attempted to modify the virgin silk fibers by grafting poly methacrylic acid.
The next aim was to implement surface modification on the virgin silk fibers so as to acheive a desirable scaffolding architecture with improved hydrophilicity providing favorable conditions for cell attachment, nutrient exchange and neo tissue organization which are the required features for cell /tissue constructs.
2]) were seeded on to the virgin silk fiber (incubated in a-MEM for 24 h prior to cell seeding) and placed in 24-well culture plate (Nunc).
Transmission Electron Microscopy--gBMSCs on virgin silk
The morphology of gBMSCs adhered on the virgin silk fibres were evaluated using the Transmission Electron Microscope.
Virgin silk fibers depicted fine, translucent and uniform, randomly oriented, interconnected long fibers with 10 to 25 [micro]m in diameter as visualized by Scanning Electron microscopy.
Still sporting a healthy tan from the couple's pre-wedding honeymoon in the Bahamas, she looked stunning in a full-length ivory virgin silk gown.