viral shedding

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virus shedding

, viral shedding
The release of a virus from the host.

vi·ral shed·ding

(vīrăl sheding)
Presence of virus in body secretions, in excretions, or in body surface lesions with potential for disease transmission and infection.
Synonym(s): virus shedding.

viral shedding,

n process that occurs when a virus is present in bodily fluids or open wounds and can thereby be transmitted to another person, as with herpetic lesions.
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Although severe morbidity or mortality rates were not observed in the mallards inoculated with H5N8 or H5N1 viruses or in those housed with inoculated ducks, viral shedding and replication in tissues were higher and the duration of viral shedding was longer in mallards infected with H5N8 virus than in those infected with H5N1 virus.
The studies - which together included 90 HSV-2-seropositive, HIV-negative adults with a median age of 43 years - evaluated within-person viral shedding in patients receiving no medication vs.
While the risk of spreading the virus was twice as high and the risk for lesions almost three times as high among people with symptomatic herpes infection, even with those people who had never shown symptoms, viral shedding occurred on 10 percent of days.
Viral shedding is believed to occur from nasal and oral secretions, with buccal swab specimens offering the highest yield for virus detection.
PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests are not useful at this time due to the infrequent and intermittent viral shedding.
In contrast, culture and antigen tests are more advantageous at this stage because of higher viral shedding.
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests identified 44 patients as positive when swabs of their normal genital skin revealed viral shedding at times when they had no lesions.
13) In immunocompromised children, viral shedding can be quite prolonged, (14) especially in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection and low CD4 counts.
However, this viral shedding can be prolonged in some puppies, even after any clinical signs have disappeared.
2) A more recent model predicts a 20-fold increase in the probability of transmission between the peak viral shedding associated with PHI and its set point.
The authors speculate that condoms are protective for women but not for men because penile skin is the most common site of HSV shedding for heterosexual men whereas, for women, the vulvar and perianal areas are the most common sites of viral shedding.
After viral challenge, subjects will be randomized 1:1 to TCN-032 or placebo and will be monitored for development of clinical symptoms and viral shedding.