viral disease

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viral disease

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Q. What are the causes of viral blisters on the skin? For a few months now I've been having these hard viral blisters on my fingers. The only way to get rid of them is with freezed carbon. It does go away with that treatment- after a few weeks but then a new one appears. How can I prevent it from "attacking" again??

A. These viral blisters you are describing are caused by HPV (papilloma virus), and are very hard to get rid of without treatment with freezed carbon. Many of us have the virus but not everyone gets the actual infection. There is not a proved way of preventing from it to happen again after treatment, unfortunately..

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Alarmed over the prevailing scenario, healthcare providers have suggested research to find causes and possible solution to save people from falling prey to deadly viral diseases one after the other.
I recommend this book for anyone interested in obtaining a broad perspective on the emergence of viral diseases that affect humans.
Were this to be done, Pathology and Pathogenesis of Human Viral Disease could serve as a handy companion volume to many of the standard virology course textbooks.
The PMA official said the government should adopt strict preventive measures to stop spread of the viral disease in other parts of the country.
Not all emerging viral diseases result from human intrusion into viral turf.
ISLAMABAD -- With the change in weather conditions, hospitals and clinics of the federal capital have been observing a massive rush of patients suffering from viral diseases since last many days.
He said that the rain water mixed with sewage, poor sanitation condition, unhygienic food cause viral diseases like Cholera, Diarrhoea, Malaria and gastro.
Avexa and CSIRO aim to share expertise in an effort to discover new drugs for the treatment of serious human viral diseases.