violet stain

violet stain,

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The Vybrant[R] DyeCycle[TM] Violet stain is a DNA-selective, cell membrane-permeant, and non-fluorescent dye for DNA content analysis in living cells.
After the attachment of cells, they were fixed with 4% Para formaldehyde for 10 min and stained with crystal violet stain for 10 min.
Then they screened the biofilm phenotype using crystal violet stain.
In addition to the gels and application blades, the reagent set includes packets of powdered acid violet stain, citric acid, and Tris-buffered saline, which were prepared in solutions for the IFE steps.
Electron microscopy (Fig 3) and crystal violet stain confirmed the presence of amyloid.
The bacterial biofilm formation till date has been estimated using the crystal violet stain, the technique is qualitative and largely inconsistent as a quantitative measure.
Flood the slide with crystal violet stain for 30 seconds.
by those violet stains shaped like flowers breaking loose from the stony
A Methelene blue or crystal violet stains nuclei, which can help distinguish RBCs and WBCs.