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It is true, it was a vicarious experience, else he would not have lived to profit by it.
These narratives of vicarious experience raise questions about the relationship between the narrator and the narrated, the teller and the character.
So that the reader may have a vicarious experience of the terrain, here are some facts on the five biggies of the Catholic Church:
Abstract This study analyzes the potential moderating effect of vicarious experience on the negative influence of psychic distance stimuli on foreign direct investment.
Evocative and adventurous, Journey to a Straw Bale House is an armchair traveler's dream--the vivid, vicarious experience of painstaking constructing a dwelling just as past homesteaders once did (without personally engaging in months of physical labor)
Bandura (1977) outlined the following influence<< on self-efficacy: performance accomplishments, vicarious experience, verbal persuasion, and somatic and emotional states (p.
But with increasingly invasive and sophisticated data collection systems, he adds, the surveillance of vicarious experience has reversed, and "it's actually your home that's watching you.
Using vicarious experience to provide educations skits increased participation and fun in all-hands meetings held with more than six hundred camp staff and caterers--also decreasing their rates of injury in the field.
In fact, a student might be inspired by her book to challenge her own statement that prelapsarian Eve does not know the experience of evil: "Professor Woods, don't Eve's tears of remorse after her Satanic dream signify a vicarious experience of evil?
Thus, Bandura [10] suggested that four categories of experience or influential factor that are used in the development of self-efficacy: mastery experience, vicarious experience, verbal persuasion, and physiological arousal.
Garber gives example after example of its uses: admonition, anodyne, catharsis, class and community glue, commodity, courtship, diction and contradiction, discovery, disguise, diversion, drama, etiquette, moral improvement, nation building, rebellion, revenge, satire, vicarious experience, and wizard tricks.