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Relating to the vibrissae.
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The goal of my proposal is to use the rodent vibrissal system for building such a model in the context of how a tactile-mediated percept is encoded by the interplay between biophysical, cellular and network mechanisms.
Vibrissal angle relatively blunt; vibrissa strong, located at level of lower eye margin.
Numerical discrimination by rats (Rattus norvegicus) using body and vibrissal touch.
Phase 1 is the first interval of vibrissal rubbing (0 to 3 min) and phase 2 is defined as the period of vibrissal rubbing between interval 5 and interval 15 (i.
Some specific subjects discussed include the significance of the insula for the evolution of human awareness of bodily sensations, the brain and behavior of the tentacled snake, and vibrissal mechanics and tactile exploration in the rat.
3x as long as posterior frontal seta, sometimes setula-like; small fourth frontal seta rarely present; frons with fine yellow to brown setulae; gena with two irregular rows of short fine brown setulae extending to vibrissal corner; row of fine whitish setulae ascending along parafacial to about height of tip of antenna.
Hanke and his team first suspected the Guiana dolphin (Sotalia guianensis) had electropowers based on the size of organs called vibrissal crypts on its snout.
0 times longer than broad, arista pubscent, longest hairs as long as its basal diameter; facial ridge distinctly narrow, lower facial margin projecting, vibrissal angle and frontal angle placed behind lower facial margin in profile; gena covered with dark grey pruinosity, genal height about 1/7-2/9 of eye height; gena with 1-2 rows of upcurved peristomal setae; both postgenal and paragenal setae entirely black; postocular setae extending to ventral surface, the upper lateral area of the occiput with 2 rows of setae; proboscis slender; prementum shiny, sparsely with pruinosity basally, about 6-7 times longer than broad; palpus black, about 4/5 length of prementum.
Vibrissal angle relatively obtuse; vibrissa strong, located above the level of lower eye margin.
Mouthparts small, yellow, palp short and round, vibrissal setulae of buccal margin longer, longest a little longer than anterior orbital.
Vibrissa long, strong, and inserted at level of lower facial margin; vibrissal angle weakly projected or not projected forward, at the midway between level of lower margin of eye and lower margin of gena.
8 height of eye at middle; pale setulose with 3 long setae on oral margin just below vibrissal angle, isolated lower postgenal seta pale and as long as anterior orb; mouthparts yellow, palp round; face short, depressed and no carina visible, parafacial with dense silvery white pruinosity when viewed at an angle; antenna with all segments yellow, second with long dark seta dorsally; segment 3 abort 0.