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Possible association of Helicobacter pullorum with lesions of vibrionic hepatitis in poultry.
The complete setting of the utopian dream exceeds the breadth of the simple quotation; however, the enunciation points to an equivalence which makes the fictional world of the amusement park a parallel to the entire history of the world, ancient and modern: "Son regard allait de la tombe a la tente, et de la tente a la tombe, puis se posait, nostalgique et lasse, sur la vibrionique et poussiereuse agitation dont il se glorifiait d'etre responsable" (113) ("His eyes went from the tomb to the tent, and from the tent to the tomb, then posed themselves from both nostalgia and fatigue on the vibrionic and dusty stir for which he was so proud to be responsible").
14) At one point the word vibrionic ("vibrionique") has been evocatively embedded.
Swine dysentery, also known as bloody scours or vibrionic dysentery, is caused by the bacterium Serpulina hyodysenteriae (Harris et al.