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2 December 2013 - Swiss Roche (VTX:ROG) said Monday it had introduced its cobas p 480 pre-analytics instrument for automated uncapping and recapping of primary sample vials used for liquid-based cytology (LBC) and molecular assays run on the cobas 4800 System.
The pyrogen-free vials are being launched in order to meet biopharmaceutical filling and final packaging needs, the company said.
The boys, ages 7-13, played with blood vials and other specimens that were left in foam coolers and metal boxes for pickup by a courier.
Made with Gore's unique expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane, GORE[TM] LYOGUARD[R] Vial Isolators reduce product "fly-out" and product cross-contamination, while improving sterility in small-scale aseptic processing applications.
Using vials that have been proven to have a lower risk of experiencing delamination can offer an alternative.
Sample-filled vials are loaded in blocks in an X-Y array, accommodating up to 96 vial positions.
Los Angeles police evacuated a three-square-block area of Hollywood and declared a tactical alert Monday night after the bomb squad found a suspicious box and vials of an unknown liquid in front of The Home Depot.
The vial design, which includes a specially designed rubber stopper and unique one-handed opening feature, provides both convenience and safety benefits for healthcare practitioners versus traditional glass vials.
25 mg vials 6/48 - 5/15 49 TRABECTEDINUM 1 mg vials 6/48 - 5/15
In addition, the company said its Gemcitabine for Injection 200mg/vial and 1 g/vial strengths are available in single-use vials.
The eight-head Conquest line has a capacity of 150,000 vials per shift and is supported by an inline vial washer, depyrogenation tunnel and 12-spindle capper.