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n 1. a person who has a long period of service in an occupation or profession.
n 2. a person who has served in the armed forces, especially one who has fought for his or her country.
n 3. a long-serving member of a state legislature or the U.S. Congress.
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The DAV has long opposed such schemes to save the government money because of the potential adverse impact on disabled veterans.
These people have given up so much of their lives to serve,'' said Colleen Janssen, spokeswoman for the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District, which helps sponsor one of the community's biggest Veterans Day observances.
If receiving such benefits, and in the process becoming a long-term client of the state, were really the principal goal of the individual veteran in joining veterans organizations, as opposed to a major goal of the national leaders of his organizations in their efforts to serve constituent needs and to obtain positive public impressions of their organizations, why belong to an organization ana pay dues?
One of the peculiar characteristics of the care for the veteran is that eligibility is variable from site to site.
Although the VA disagrees, many independent analysts say health care costs for the average veteran in the system are dramatically higher than they would be under most private insurance.
Nevertheless, over the past 15 years, the percentage of armed services veterans who are eligible to receive care from "their" health care system has shrunk, just at the point that most surviving World War II and Korean War veterans are developing chronic age-related illnesses.
But in many of the congressional races, veterans issues seemed to gain more prominence than at any other time in recent memory.
3 -- color) Jennifer Edie assists dentist Neil Green to extract a tooth from veteran Ricky Gilmore at the Antelope Valley Veterans Stand Down of 2006 in Lancaster.
18) Describing the overall predicament that black former servicemen encountered when they went to USES offices, Harry Wright, a Southern Regional Council (SRC) field agent and fellow black veteran, wrote:
Title: Veterans Health Care Facilities Capital Improvement Act
Yet two studies of veterans have found a conspicuous lack of deaths or hospitalizations resulting from such exposures.