lateral vestibulospinal tract

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lateral ves·tib·u·lo·spi·nal tract

a somatopically organized fiber bundle originating from the lateral vestibular nucleus (nucleus of Deiters), which descends uncrossed into the anterior funiculus of the spinal cord lateral to the anterior median fissure; the tractus extends throughout the length of the cord, distributing fibers at all levels to the medial part of the anterior horn. Excitatory impulses conveyed by the vestibulospinal tract increase extensor muscle tone.
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The Romberg Test is a series of self localisation tests that examines vestibulospinal function.
This will include systemic, cardiovascular, neurological, ophthalmic, and vestibulospinal examination.
A common anatomic basis for the understanding of headache is the vestibulospinal (colic) reflex that is triggered from the inner ears.
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This is achieved by efference from the VOR and the vestibulospinal reflexes.
The neurologic reflex produced by a peripheral vestibular disorder through the brainstem, instead of resulting in nystagmus, stimulates the vestibulospinal tract.
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