vesicular breath sound

vesicular breath sound (V.S.)

a normal sound of rustling or swishing heard with a stethoscope over the lung periphery. It characteristically has a higher pitch during inspiration and fades rapidly during expiration. Compare bronchial breath sound.
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Chest examination revealed impaired percussion notes in right infrascapular areas with decreased vesicular breath sound and right basal crepitation's.
100/60 mm of Hg, Chest--Bilateral vesicular breath sound was heard with no added sound.
On examination of Respiratory system there was diminished chest movement (Left>Right), dull mediastinal percussion note and decreased vesicular breath sound over the anterior chest wall (Left>Right).
On auscultation of chest, there was vesicular breath sound with bilateral basal crepitations.
Normal vesicular breath sounds were heard over the left side along with normal palpation and percussion notes.
On clinical examination, bilateral equal vesicular breath sounds were auscultated, and there was no adventitious sound.
Auscultation of the lungs revealed bilateral vesicular breath sounds with equal intensity.
Cardiovascular (CVS) examination revealed S1S2 (+) with no murmur and respiratory examination, (RS) revealed normal vesicular breath sounds.
Normal vesicular breath sounds were heard bilaterally on examination of the chest.
2] 96% at room air, prosthetic valve click at mitral area and bilateral vesicular breath sounds present.
On auscultation, normal vesicular breath sounds were heard on right side of chest.