vertical technique

ver·ti·cal tech·nique

(vĕr'ti-kăl tek-nēk')
Using the working-end of an electronically powered instrument in a manner similar to that of a calibrated periodontal probe, with the point directed toward the junctional epithelium. Instrument tip is in a vertical orientation to the long axis of the tooth; used to remove calculus and plaque when probing shallow or deep periodontal pockets with instruments.
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To eliminate the added fuss of livebait, he suggests using artificial baits with various vertical techniques, such as fishing tandem-rigged crappie jigs like Southern Pro Lit'l Hustlers or Slab Jiggies Buggie Jiggies.
209 (1986) (describing, inter alia, vertical techniques that competitors successfully can employ to raise their rivals' costs and the circumstances under which success may confer on them the power to raise price); Michael H.
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