vertical index

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ver·ti·cal in·dex

the relation of the height to the length of the skull: (height × 100)/length.
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End-user Vertical Index for Process Safety Systems Markets 38
Description: A shift in the zero of the vertical angle encoder from the pole results in a constant error in the measured vertical angle, a misalignment parameter referred to as vertical index offset.
This new vertical index from Internet performance measurement company Keynote Systems rates the speed and reliability of leading travel and hospitality Web sites.
Typically, Vertical Index Machines (Ferris Wheels) are used for washing blocks.
In most respects, a capped index option is the equivalent of a vertical index option spread (a position created by the purchase of one option and the sale of a second option on the same underlying index with the same expiration).
Keynote customers can elect to receive one vertical index (Summary View) free of charge as part of their current subscription.

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