superior aspect

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superior aspect

the surface of the cranium viewed from above.
Synonym(s): norma superior [TA], norma verticalis ☆ , vertical aspect

su·pe·ri·or as·pect

(sŭ-pērē-ōr aspekt)
Cranial surface viewed from above.
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2007; Ghosh, 2009) also reported positive correlation of reward for application with conservation and self-transcendence values, achievement and conformity values and horizontal and vertical aspect of individualistic-collectivistic values.
The upcoming short-film version--dubbed by Moonbot as "the tallest short film in the world"--will retain the iPad's vertical aspect ratio and also will be followed by a book version.
Such structures can be used to accent doorways, gates, seating areas and to give a vertical aspect to the garden.
Those are important, but on close-range shots from stands, two more aspects come into play: vertical aspect, and the dynamic nature of aspect.
Holding hands emphasizes a horizontal aspect of prayer, which focuses on the community, rather than the vertical aspect, which focuses on Our Father.
Pembroke-based architect, Gordon Davies, together with planning officers at Pembrokeshire National Parks, has come up with a variety of pastel shades that add heaps of charm to the development and emphasise the vertical aspect of the houses
The technique is characterized by a strong hip turnout, maintained throughout the dance, and a clear vertical aspect to the upper body.
The traditional TO-220 power packages previously used for power devices stand 18 mm above the PCB and constrain the heatsink to a vertical aspect that often considerably exceeds this height.
A bouncing water jet will attract attention and provide an ultimate vertical aspect to a water scene.
The horizontal sub-pixel font rendering technology fine-tunes the vertical aspect of the pixels, optimizing smoother vertical strokes for font characters.
With the addition of George and his vast knowledge in the vertical aspect of these facilities, Baker can better represent the architecture and engineering aspects of our business to the airports community," John D.
Perform spatial analysis of street sections including horizontal and vertical aspects.

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