vertebral body

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vertebral body

the main portion of a vertebra anterior to the vertebral canal, as distinct from the arches. [Usage note: the term "centrum" is frequently erroneously used as a synonym for vertbral body - however the developmental centrum is less than the body, which also inculdes parts of the developmental neural arches.]

vertebral body

the weight-supporting, solid central part of a vertebra. The pedicles of the arch project from its dorsolateral surfaces.

ver·te·bral bod·y

(vĕr'tĕ-brăl bod'ē) [TA]
The main portion of a vertebra anterior to the vertebral canal, as distinct from the arches. usage note The term "centrum" is frequently erroneously used as a synonym for vertebral body-however, the developmental centrum is less than the body, which also includes parts of the developmental neural arches.


of or pertaining to a vertebra.

vertebral abscess
commonly associated with navel infection in the young. Usually infection delivered by the hematogenous route to the cervical or lumbar vertebral bodies or to meninges. Compression of the spinal cord by the abscess or a pathological fracture causes paraplegia or quadriplegia depending on location. See also vertebral osteomyelitis (below).
vertebral asymmetry
a contributing factor in enzootic equine incoordination.
vertebral body
vertebral body osteosclerosis
occurs together with vertebral osteophyte development in old bulls with thyroid C-cell tumors.
vertebral canal
see spinal canal.
vertebral column
see spinal column.
complex vertebral malformation (CVM)
a recently recognized autosomal recessive lethal defect in Holstein cattle. Produces early embryonic death, late term abortions, premature birth and neonatal mortality in liveborn calves. The morphological expression of CVM is wide but vertebral (cervical and thoracic) malformation and arthrogryposis (carpal and tarsal joints) are almost always present. Vertebral malformations may be clinically apparent in some calves and can be detected by radiography. A wide spectrum of other congenital defects may be present.
vertebral curves
the cervical, thoracic and lumbar curves.
vertebral exostosis
may be the result of fractures, and in pigs, hypovitaminosis A. May cause compression of spinal cord and paralysis.
vertebral fracture
often due to minor trauma in bone weakened by osteoporosis or osteomyelitis. In neonates may be dystocia-related. Usually causes acute onset of flaccid paralysis.
vertebral instability
see canine wobbler syndrome.
vertebral joints
are of two types, symphyseal between the vertebral bodies, and synovial between the facets of the neural arch.
vertebral malformation
includes block vertebra and defective alignment such as scoliosis, kyphosis, torticollis. See also complex vertebral malformation (above).
vertebral osteomyelitis
results in pathological fracture causing acute paralysis, or spinal cord abscess causing slower onset paralysis. Hematogenesis spread from omphalophlebitis is common so that disease is most often seen in young patients.
vertebral osteophytes
see spondylosis deformans.
vertebral stenosis
compression of the spinal cord by a vertebral canal which has too small a diameter.
vertebral subluxation
largely restricted to the cervical vertebrae where looser ligaments permit more intervertebral movement.
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