verrucous hemangioma

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ver·ru·cous he·man·gi·o·ma

incorrect term for cutaneous vascular malformation composed of abnormal capillaries and lymphatics.

ver·ru·cous he·man·gi·o·ma

(vĕr-ū'kŭs hē-man'jē-ō'mă)
A variant of the angiomatous nevus, appearing at birth or in early childhood, situated on the lower extremities with bluish-red nodules and warty surface; they enlarge and sometimes have satellite lesions.


a benign tumor made up of newly formed blood vessels, clustered together. In animals they occur mostly on the skin and in the spleen. In birds, they may be caused by leukosis virus. See also bovine cutaneous angiomatosis, hemangiomatosis, telangiectasia.

disseminated cavernous hemangioma
multiple, small hemangiomatous tumors found in skin and internal organs; in calves and pigs rarely.
verrucous hemangioma
hemangioma in superficial dermis; induce epithelial hyperplasia.
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