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n the formal decision or finding of a jury on the matters or questions duly submitted to them at a trial.
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There is a verdict allowed by the Scotch law, which (so far as I know) is not permitted by the laws of any other civilized country on the face of the earth.
I got up again from the sofa, strong in a daring resolution which the Scotch Verdict had suddenly kindled in me--a resolution at once too sacred and too desperate to be confided, in the first instance, to any other than my husband's ear.
It may be the duty of the men of Helium to accept the verdict as final.
The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals said on Monday that the second-instance verdict on Vojislav Seselj - who was initially acquitted of wartime crimes in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina - will be handed down on April 11.
Taking a dig at both Imran and theapex court, Nawaz said that although the endeared one accepted he owned an offshore company worth millions of poundsyet the SCdid not dare to give a verdict against him.
In plea, it is adopted that facts were not considered by the single bench of the court in its verdict adding that stance was not heard by the court and the verdict was issued in emergency.
Aly Ahmed and Abdel Aleem Selim had previously filed a lawsuit against Ibrahim, accusing him of refraining from carrying out two court verdict issued by the Administrative Judiciary Court, granting them EGP 25,000 each as compensation for political detention from 1994 to 1996, reported Al-Ahram.
He called for all narrative verdicts to be accompanied by a short-form verdict in future, making it easier for officials to classify the deaths.
Taking a lead from Mulayam Singh Yadav's comments that Muslims were disappointed with the verdict, more political parties and groups came forward asking the Congress to clarifying its stand on the ruling of the Allahabad High Court's special bench.
The 8000 page verdict comes after nearly 60 years of litigation on the title dispute.
A little known form of juror misconduct, the quotient verdict probably occurs with greater frequency than the aforementioned examples.
The verdict awards Whittaker $810 million ($800 million in punitive damages and $10 million in compensatory damages) from both Perry and Southwestern Life.